Private Freight Terminals

We believe that by providing a multimodal common user platform, with integrated facilities, we can substantially reduce the costs of any logistics operation. In today's economic scenario, when the margins are dwindling and cut throat competition, companies make a substantial expenditure on logistics. This can easily be reduced by pooling in the resources at hand. Private Freight Terminals are such multimodal logistic hubs with facilities like ICDs, CFS, Warehousing and sufficient space for stocking and other related activities.

We plan to create a network of Private Freight Terminals at major consumption and production centers across India. We are operating Private Freight Terminals at Durgapur in West Bengal and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Our two more terminals, one at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand and one at Kolkata in West Bengal are at different stages of commissioning. We plan to set up several more such terminals in the coming future.


(B) Ghaziabad (NCR) Private Freight Terminal

C. Rudrapur Private Freight Terminal

It is located near the industrial hub of Uttarakhand. The PFT is being set up on around 25 acres of land and will be commissioned by June 2020. We are making the facility specially for handling cement, iron & steel, fertiliser, Containers for domestic and export etc

D. Kolkata Private Freight Terminal

The terminal at Kolkata is being set up at a very strategic location, accessible from most of the parts of Kolkata in around 35 acres of land. Land required for the project has been acquired and various permissions from the railways for setting up the PFT has been obtained.